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Transform your employees from classroom training experts to digital training champions. We love to share our knowledge and expertise to tackle your challenges.

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Studio Rental in Antwerp.

Our amazingly equipped studio for rent. Used and proven by our experts. Set-up and ready to use!

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Buy your own studio.

We offer a variety of training studio solutions in multiple sizes. Plug-&-play, trained and installed by us.

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The Road to Studio-Based Training

We identified 3 common concerns amongst our customers

  • Is it a long term solution, and therefore worth the investment?
  • How easily can trainers be up-skilled to work with it?
  • Is there any “one-stop-shopping” provider that can take away all our concerns?

We got our R&D team up to speed

to develop products that would take away our customers’ concerns

And they came up with 3 different training studio setups

Not to forget all the required add-ons to make your first studio based training sessions a great success.

What to choose?

Seeing the wood for the trees.

Rent a studio if:

You have a specific use case or a one-time event (one or more days) and want to use our fully equipped training studios.

Discover our training studio

Buy your own studio if:

You know digitalisation will become a more important part within your company and want to have your own studio available at all times (comes in different sizes).

Get a studio at your location

Prepare To Get Creative

The Best Value for Money. Effective. Zero Compromises.

The “Spaceship”

All controls at your fingertips. With or without help from your colleagues (you can easily master the controls yourself!).

Participant Interaction

Creative ways to interact with your participants.

Premium Lighting

High-quality LEDs to put yourself in the spotlight.

Up to 4 Cameras

Providing you nearly unlimited possibilities.

Greenwall extravaganza

Instantly boosting your overall picture quality.

Enter Into A World Of Fun

Some insights from the Experts.

Video 1 6:58

In this episode, Nick shows you how to light your live stream properly and showcases different lighting options for every budget.

Video 2 11:44

How to be comfortable and confident on camera as a small YouTuber! Some tips for talking to a camera and how you can get used to filming yourself.

Video 3 5:09

Green screen set up doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! Getting great and correct chromakey is a simple as following a few basic principles!

Studio Packages

All our studio package deals

  • Have been designed by & created for automotive trainers
  • Can be operated by one single person
  • Contain best-in-class & carefully selected equipment (from sound and lighting to TV screens & cameras)
  • Are cost-efficient but scalable over time
  • Have been tested and approved within the automotive context

They all come with

  • A dummy-proof connection diagram
  • Clear installation instructions
  • A live call with our experts to get you up to speed once everything is set-up at your place
  • A troubleshooting flowchart in case anything goes wrong

Allowing you to:

  • Adopt this fairly new training method in the best possible way


  • We are also happy to hear your story & custom-build the studio of your dreams!


Single presenter studio with static multi-scenes (two cameras).

Available as from € 12.000

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Two presenter studio with dynamic multi-scenes (up to 4 cameras). Intuitive video switcher controls.

Available as from € 22.000

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Studio for up to 5 presenters simultaneously, in dynamic multi-scene settings (up to 5 cameras). Extensive video switcher and hotkey controls.

Available as from € 27.500

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Add-on services:

Aimed to fully meet your needs (prices linked to studio package deal size). Contact us for more info on:

  • On-site installation
  • On-site introduction training
  • Coaching “Your First Studio Training”
  • (Remote) Technical Support
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Price as fromSingle presenter studio

  • Static multi-scenes
  • Two cameras
  • Video switcher
  • No multi-view

MediumMost popular


Price as fromTwo presenter studio

  • Dynamic multi-scenes
  • Up to 4 cameras
  • Video switcher
  • Multiview



Price as fromUp to 5 presenters simultaneously

  • Dynamic multi-scene
  • Up to 5 cameras
  • Video switcher & hotkeys
  • Multiview



Price as fromContact us for more info on:

  • On-site installation
  • On-site introduction training
  • Coaching “Your First Studio Training”
  • (Remote) Technical Support